Busch Gardens

Vielen Dank to all of the teachers and students who participated this year!  Busch Gardens was a huge success!  Feel free to send any pictures of the event to: vogsofficers@gmail.com  They will be uploaded to this website!

BG Winners

Gummibär Contest: Sophie Walter, Harmony Middle School = 245 (Actual = 248)

Sing ein deutsches Lied (MS):
1.) Travis Gahafer, Harmony Middle School: Ich bin Ausländer

2.) Lunsford Middle School: FC Bayern Stern des Südens

3.) Tie between Mary Gutshall, Harmony Middle School: Spring Nicht and Andrew McDowell, Harmony Middle School: Ich bin Ausländer

Sing ein deutsches Lied (HS):
No participants this year!  

VOGS Convention

Vielen Dank to Herr Shepherd and his German students for hosting a wonderful convention this year!  Interested in hosting next year?  Contact VOGS!